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San Francisco Style: Playing Hardball Like The SF Giants


We're proud to work from and manufacture in the great city of San Francisco. Everything about "The City" (natural beauty, diversity, innovation) is truly an inspiration for our brand.

As a new golf brand, we strive to put our authentic self forward with our truly unique approach: reinventing golfwear by transforming clothing into equipment. It's proving to resonate with golfers, but compared to the big and shiny golf corporations it may seem like we're at a disadvantage in getting the word out. We may not have humongous marketing budgets or celebrity endorsements, but we can still compete with our speed and resourcefulness.

We're excited to see the San Francisco Giants take the field tonight in the World Series. No doubt they're a great team, but on paper they didn't have the biggest payroll and corresponding big name talent. In preseason predictions, most experts didn't have the Giants in the playoffs. Yet, the Giants are in their 3rd World Series in 5 years. We'd like to think this success comes from the Giants playing and staying true to their unique brand of hardball. It starts with a great players that are prepared for the moment. They're good at doing the little things and big things right. With excellent management, the team is greater than the sum of its parts. As a team, they create opportunities and change the game in their favor

In these last few hours before the first pitch, it's a good chance to reflect on what it takes to win at the highest levels. We're inspired by our hometown team to play and stay true to our unique brand of hardball as we push further with our products. We couldn't do it without our family and friends, whose support makes us stronger. Help spread the word by linking or sharing our blog posts, joining us on facebook, twitter, and instagram, or telling some friends.

Go Giants!


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