About Us



STATE APPAREL designs patent pending & functional golfwear that is manufactured in San Francisco, California.

We incorporate intuitive wiping layers into our golf pants and shirts. These are special towel-like fabrics for cleaning a golfer’s hands, clubs & golf balls.  Our clothing provides an on-the-spot & efficient solution to golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt, so golfers no longer need to step away from a shot to grab a towel.

We like to say that we’re “Reinventing Golfwear” by transforming golf clothing into golf equipment. 


We're inspired by and design for competitive golfers. If you watch the pros closely on TV (we have a good example on our blog), you’ll notice them wiping their putter, wedges, and hands on their clothing. We noticed the same with recreational players. This behavior helped us realize that golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt needed a better solution and inspired us to build STATE APPAREL.

Our company name is distilled from the Golden State of California. We grew up here and deeply appreciate the vast amount of natural beauty, resources, and diversity, as well as the innovation, individuality, and opportunity it represents. Staying true to where we're from and who we are, it makes perfect sense to manufacture our products in San Francisco. We are fortunate to have amazing sewing facilities in San Francisco and at the end of the day it feels great to be a part of and contribute to a thriving local economy.

The apparel world is seemingly ruled by globalization, but we think there’s a consumer trend towards locally made products. For the growing number of savvy consumers, many of which are especially conscious of product origin, purchasing decisions range from authenticity, individuality, eco-impact, or social responsibility. As this trend makes its way to the golf industry, we think it will resonate with golf consumers and that our brand will be uniquely positioned to satisfy their needs.

We strive to be a different kind of golf company that stands for more than just the shirt on your back. We're not here to bring you the status quo or an aspirational lifestyle brand. More than just a brand, STATE APPAREL is a STATE of mind.