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Watch Tiger Woods. Embrace Change.


STATE APPAREL is reinventing golfwear in a sport thats steeped in tradition and resistant to change. We respect that.

When other golfers catch us on the course and we tell them what we're up to, they always ask why and sometimes we get blank stares. Understandable.

Why STATE APPAREL? Intuitively placed wiping panels that solve golf's persistent problem of water and dirt without the need to step away from a shot. This helps ensure optimal contact, focus, and performance throughout the round.

Don't take our word for it. If you haven't seen it yet, check out last week's product spotlight by The Hackers Paradise for an objective take on the function and value of STATE APPAREL.

If that's not enough, check out this little video of a guy named Tiger chipping in at a little tournament called the 2008 US OPEN. Torrey Pines Hole 17 on Saturday from the edge of the bunker. He's in a tight spot, unable to step away from the shot, and 2 seconds into the video gets right to cleaning his clubface on his pants . The results speak for themselves.

We don't have an otherworldly short game and astronomical NIKE sponsorship that affords infinite golf pants, like Tiger Woods. But with STATE APPAREL we can be prepared for any situation and give ourselves the best chance of optimal performance. 

Embrace change. It may just embrace you back one day.

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