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Iconic Save Sharp Park Red Headcovers

by Jason Yip |

Save Sharp Park Red Headcover

STATE APPAREL is a proud supporter of the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance and their effort to Save Sharp Park Golf Course, an Alister Mackenzie design.

We are honored to help maintain awareness for this great cause by making "Save Sharp Park" items available to the golfing public in our new shop and Urban Clubhouse. 100% of gross sales revenue from these items goes back to the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance.

The most iconic of these items is the red driver headcover. They are often seen in golf bags around the world, but super elusive if you want one for yourself. They actually haven't been produced since 2013, which helps explain it.

A limited run of red headcovers have just been reissued and are available in our shop. In an effort to help spread the word about Sharp Park, we're also happy to ship them anywhere in the world. Since they're not a product we make, they aren't listed on our website. If you can't make it into the shop but want to purchase one,  please email us at to coordinate.

STATE APPAREL and the San Francisco Public Golf Alliance thank you for your contributions to Save Sharp Park!

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