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Thoughts On James Hahn's Win At Riviera


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It was great to see James Hahn seal the deal on his first PGA Tour win. We’ve been eyeing him for our fantasy selection for a long time and just wished we had pulled the trigger on him last week.

What a great win!... from the stone cold putting in the playoff, to the prestigious setting of Riviera Country Club, and managing the rain and wind on the final day.

Managing the elements is a reality for all golfers and part of the beauty and nuance of the game, but it’s critical for elite golfers competing at the highest levels.

In these playing conditions, water and dirt can make the difference in making or missing the final putt to win a tournament. Under tournament pressure, elite golfers like James Hahn rely on shot routine and instincts for reliable success.  

In the picture above, James Hahn instinctually wipes his club with his hand. He's fully prepared and there’s no need to step away for a towel and disrupt his routine. The results speak for themselves.

STATE APPAREL is inspired by these habits and instincts of competitive golfers. We incorporate wiping layers into our pant pockets and cuffs to help you perform your best and prepare you for anything on the course.

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