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Grit and Hustle in Game 6 of The World Series

by STATE APPAREL |  | 23 comments

Our home team San Francisco Giants are getting ready for game 6 of the World Series. Hopefully this game is as exciting as the rest!

There were some tense moments along the way and a couple losses that let doubt creep in. However, the Giants have consistently demonstrated the grit needed to fight back, win, and lead the series 3-2. As golfers, we'd benefit from this type of "never give up" attitude. It's discouraging to go a few holes down in match play or make the turn with a couple bad holes on the card, but each hole is a new opportunity to overcome any mistakes before we get to the 18th. 

Aside from all the drama and entertainment of the World Series, there's a lot more to appreciate. The Giants and Kansas City Royals are not designed to overpower their opponents. Instead they put points on the board with the additive affect of smart base running, bunts, walks, infield hits, sacrifice flies, and hustle. Baseball, with all the components that make up the game, is a lot like golf and a good reminder to all golfers that there are a variety of game plans that can win. Bombing 300 yard drives is nice, but it can be even more powerful to get all of the other elements of the game right.  Zach Johnson winning the 2007 Masters on a hard, fast, and long Augusta National Golf Course is a good example.

For the sake of all the fans in San Francisco, hopefully the Giants can out-grit and out-hustle the Royals and bring home another World Championship. Go Giants!

Comments (23)

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