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PGA Show Las Vegas

by STATE APPAREL |  | 18 comments

We've recently emerged from the Nevada desert, reinvigorated, inspired, and more deeply connected to our creative powers and community. Sounds like a trip to the Burning Man Festival, but for us it was the PGA Show in Las Vegas. 

This was our first PGA show, so we decided to walk the floor and get the lay of the land, rather than jumping into and staying in a booth all day. Of course many of the usual suspects (Callaway, Footjoy, and Travis Mathew) were showcasing Spring products. It was also encouraging to see new breeds of golf clothing from QED Style, Devereux, and Criquet Shirts.

PGA show 3.JPG
PGA show 1.JPG
PGA Show 2.JPG

Our key takeaway is that all companies are focused on fashion (very similar looking styles for that matter), rather than function. It makes sense to look good, but there's a lot of room for functional improvements in a specialized sport like golf. This is a perfect opportunity for the utility of STATE APPAREL's clothing. The more we walked the show, the more we reaffirmed that we are reinventing golfwear.

We met and shared our story with some great people. Paul Stankowski of Francis Edward was a highlight, especially how the former PGA pro demonstrated his putting and wiping routine. Fist bump and "very innovative" from Paul was a nice validation. We're a long time fan of Dunning Golf, and it was an honor to meet Ralph Dunning and hear that he is a fan of STATE APPAREL. We got our creative juices flowing with the very mindful Akbar Chisti of Seamus Golf. We definitely share his passion for bringing hand-crafted goodness to the game.

Of the golf bloggers and taste makers, we most enjoyed meeting Greg Monteforte of GolfThreads and Kane Carpenter of MinorHouse. They've been documenting and critiquing golf trends for a long time, and it was super valuable to hear what they find compelling and not so compelling.

Great time in the desert and can't wait until the big Orland PGA Show in January.


Comments (18)

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