Grit and Hustle in Game 6 of The World Series

Our home team San Francisco Giants are getting ready for game 6 of the World Series. Hopefully this game is as exciting as the rest!

There were some tense moments along the way and a couple losses that let doubt creep in. However, the Giants have consistently demonstrated the grit needed to fight back, win, and lead the series 3-2. As golfers, we'd benefit from this type of "never give up" attitude. It's discouraging to go a few holes down in match play or make the turn with a couple bad holes on the card, but each hole is a new opportunity to overcome any mistakes before we get to the 18th. 

Aside from all the drama and entertainment of the World Series, there's a lot more to appreciate. The Giants and Kansas City Royals are not designed to overpower their opponents. Instead they put points on the board with the additive affect of smart base running, bunts, walks, infield hits, sacrifice flies, and hustle. Baseball, with all the components that make up the game, is a lot like golf and a good reminder to all golfers that there are a variety of game plans that can win. Bombing 300 yard drives is nice, but it can be even more powerful to get all of the other elements of the game right.  Zach Johnson winning the 2007 Masters on a hard, fast, and long Augusta National Golf Course is a good example.

For the sake of all the fans in San Francisco, hopefully the Giants can out-grit and out-hustle the Royals and bring home another World Championship. Go Giants!

San Francisco Style: Playing Hardball Like The SF Giants

We're proud to work from and manufacture in the great city of San Francisco. Everything about "The City" (natural beauty, diversity, innovation) is truly an inspiration for our brand.

As a new golf brand, we strive to put our authentic self forward with our truly unique approach: reinventing golfwear by transforming clothing into equipment. It's proving to resonate with golfers, but compared to the big and shiny golf corporations it may seem like we're at a disadvantage in getting the word out. We may not have humongous marketing budgets or celebrity endorsements, but we can still compete with our speed and resourcefulness.

We're excited to see the San Francisco Giants take the field tonight in the World Series. No doubt they're a great team, but on paper they didn't have the biggest payroll and corresponding big name talent. In preseason predictions, most experts didn't have the Giants in the playoffs. Yet, the Giants are in their 3rd World Series in 5 years. We'd like to think this success comes from the Giants playing and staying true to their unique brand of hardball. It starts with a great players that are prepared for the moment. They're good at doing the little things and big things right. With excellent management, the team is greater than the sum of its parts. As a team, they create opportunities and change the game in their favor

In these last few hours before the first pitch, it's a good chance to reflect on what it takes to win at the highest levels. We're inspired by our hometown team to play and stay true to our unique brand of hardball as we push further with our products. We couldn't do it without our family and friends, whose support makes us stronger. Help spread the word by linking or sharing our blog posts, joining us on facebook, twitter, and instagram, or telling some friends.

Go Giants!


Interview with Golf Clothing Authority Greg Monteforte

You can imagine how flattered (blush) we were when approached for an interview by Greg Monteforte, golf apparel authority, blogger at GolfThreads, and Style Insider at

We sat down for a conversation with the blogger extraordinaire and had a chance to tell our story.  We've included the interview below or you can visit the original post at GolfThreads Blog.

We're still blushing btw.

“GolfThreads: My mother always told me not to wipe my hands on my clothes, but you are encouraging golfers to wipe their hands, clubs and golf balls on State Apparel’s pants and shirts. What inspired you to incorporate wiping elements into the pants and shirts?

Jason Yip: Moms are great like that and we love them for it, but many of us, whether consciously or subconsciously, wipe our hands on our clothes anyways without encouragement from anyone. If you watch the pros closely on TV (we have a good example on our blog), you’ll notice them wiping their putter, wedges, and hands on their clothing. We noticed the same with recreational players. This behavior helped us realize that golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt needed a better solution and inspired us to build STATE APPAREL.

With this inspiration, we set out to reinvent golf wear. By incorporating intuitive and efficient wiping layers, we’ve transformed clothing into equipment. With STATE APPAREL, golfers are fully equipped to perform their best no matter what they encounter on the golf course.

GT: Talk a little bit about the process you went through in finding the right material for the wiping elements. How many prototypes did you work through?

JY: Clothing like this has never been made before, so sourcing the right fabric was an adventure of trial and error. Finding wiping fabric like a towel is relatively easy, but it was challenging to find a wiping fabric that elegantly integrates with and complements the body of our garments. To help narrow down the options, we started by sourcing the ideal performance fabrics for our shirts and pants. Then we could work with a smaller list of vendors and drill down to identify wiping fabrics that worked in harmony.

After countless fabric samples, prototypes and tests, we found the perfect fabrics for damp and cool playing conditions that you’ll find in golf destinations like San Francisco, Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Scotland.

Fabrics are critical to STATE APPAREL’s products and we’re constantly experimenting and prototyping to develop for a variety of weather conditions.

GT: Aesthetically, the wiping elements have been brilliantly incorporated into the design of the shirts and pants. How important was it to you to include these elements while also maintaining a clean look?

JY: Thanks for appreciating our designs. Good design and the corresponding clean look is very important for us.

We respect and appreciate the traditional styles of the game and knew that our new and unique products needed to operate within the confines of familiarity in order to be received well by golfers. For example, we started the pants with a classic flat front, yet the wiping layers in the cuff, side pockets and back pockets provide a subtle contrast and hint of modernity. It’s just enough to peek the interest without being distracting.

Beyond looks, we strived to create products that are intuitive to golfers. The subtle contrast and texture makes the wiping layers easy to find and use. The cuff can be turned up for use on the course, and turned down after the round to hide the dirt. We’re left with a clean and classic, yet modern look that takes you stylishly from the fairways to the clubhouse. We think it’s perfect for today’s discerning golfer.

GT: Aside from the wiping elements, talk a little bit about the performance of the fabric on the shirts and pants. How breathable is it? What can people expect from STATE APPAREL from a performance standpoint?

JY: As I mentioned, it was critical for us to find the ideal fabrics for the body of our clothing. For the shirt, we chose a blend of polyester and spandex, which is an ideal combination of breathability, moisture management, and movement. We went with a thicker fabric compared to the paper-thin performance shirts on the market, which makes for a more substantial and comfortable shirt that won’t show off your chest hair or nipples. Our shirts have a streamlined and structured fit to keep fabric from interfering with your swing.

Our pants are made from a woven blend of polyester and spandex, which lends to a traditional yet modern look with just the right amount of stretch. Designed to hold up to San Francisco’s early spring weather, the pants are water, wind, and stain resistant. The light fleece-wiping layer throughout the interior provides warmth and comfort, and the fabric’s construction ensures breathability. We’ve positioned our signature “Competition Pant” between a summer pant and a heavy-duty rain pant, which makes it perfect for the PGA’s West Coast Swing or a trip across the pond for The Open Championship. With the success of the “Competition Pant” we’re developing warmer weather versions that can take a competitive golfer from the US Open through the PGA Championship. To cater to everyone’s preferences and body shapes, we offer pants in a slim or straight cut.

GT: Prior to starting STATE APPAREL you spent most of your career in the tech start-up scene. What did you learn during your time with start-ups that you have applied to STATE APPAREL?

JY: When I moved to San Francisco after graduating from UCLA, Internet startups were all the rage. I naturally gravitated towards and learned from the innovative and creative culture, which has been integral to starting STATE APPAREL. I approached the golf industry with Apple Computer’s mantra of “Think Different.” I figured if I could innovate on a static product like golf clothing, I could be disruptive enough to build a niche in the industry. We’re driven by the innovative spirit and work ethic of Silicon Valley and with a bit of luck we hope to improve the way golfers think and perform. We’re ecstatic that our products have been received so well.

GT: Your website mentions that it is “conceived by and designed for competitive golfers”. Is there a particular handicap range that will benefit the most from State Apparel? How can State Apparel help these golfers to take their games to the next level?

JY: Although we’ve been inspired by the best golfers in the world, the beauty of golf’s handicap system is that we can all compete on a level playing field. No matter the skill level, we believe all golfers are competing on the course, whether they’re playing in a tournament, making the turn with their best round in site, or grinding out a $10 nassau with their weekend foursome. Golf’s persistent problem of water and dirt can get in the way of every golfer’s pursuit of mastery and we think golfers of all skill levels and handicaps can use STATE APPAREL to play their best.

Taking their game to the next level will mean different things to different golfers. Ultimately, score is the best way to measure performance, and higher handicaps that use STATE APPAREL to keep their clubs clean may experience more consistent contact and better scores. For lower handicap players that have a finely tuned game, improvements may not be as measurable. Top players can use STATE APPAREL to quickly clean their clubs on the spot and maintain focus on the shot. Whether it’s a more efficient round or less fatigue, the added mental clarity can boost a golf game on a variety of levels.

Golf is an amazing sport with endless avenues for improvement. STATE APPAREL is here to support the goals of every golfer.

GT: Your apparel is manufactured in San Francisco. At a time when most golf apparel is manufactured overseas, why did you decide to keep it close to home?

JY: Our company name is distilled from the Golden State of California. We grew up here and deeply appreciate the vast amount of natural beauty, resources, and diversity, as well as the innovation, individuality, and opportunity it represents. We’ve always wanted to stay true to who we are and where we’re from. As a brand, STATE APPAREL is more than just a name. It’s a STATE of mind. When it came to manufacturing, it made perfect sense to produce locally. We are fortunate to have amazing sewing facilities in San Francisco and at the end of the day it feels great to be a part of and contribute to a thriving local economy.

The apparel world is seemingly ruled by globalization, but we think there’s a consumer trend towards locally made products. For the growing number of savvy consumers, many of which are especially conscious of product origin, purchasing decisions range from authenticity, individuality, eco-impact, or social responsibility. As this trend makes its way to the golf industry, we think it will resonate with golf consumers and that our brand will be uniquely positioned to satisfy their needs.

GT: San Francisco has a rich golfing history. For people visiting from out of town, where do you recommend that they tee it up?

JY: San Francisco is an amazing golf destination! Even better, golf in the city is experiencing a reinvention, most notably with the restoration of historic Harding Park, which welcomes the WGC Match Play next year and PGA Championship in 2020. Harding Park is a must for out-of-town golfers and make sure to savor the views of Olympic Club from 14 tee and see if you can drive the green on 16 like Tiger and Daly in the 2005 WGC AmEx playoff.

I worked at Olympic Club the first year I was in San Francisco and the Lake Course is very special to me. Since the early 2000’s the course has seen a lot of changes, which helped bring the US Open back in 2012. Of course Olympic Club is private, but it’s worth trying to find a connection or friend that can get a tee time. On a clear day the view from 3 tee goes all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Follow that view north and you’ll find Lincoln Park Golf Course, which is a local favorite partly because it hasn’t changed much over the years. The other reason is the epic view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the finishing holes. After the round, I recommend grabbing a stool and some old school charm at the clubhouse bar. On your way out, drive by Robin Williams’ house in Sea Cliff and pay your respects.

If you’re in town for golf, definitely get in touch with STATE APPAREL. We’re always up for a round and meeting new golfers.”



PGA Show Las Vegas

We've recently emerged from the Nevada desert, reinvigorated, inspired, and more deeply connected to our creative powers and community. Sounds like a trip to the Burning Man Festival, but for us it was the PGA Show in Las Vegas. 

This was our first PGA show, so we decided to walk the floor and get the lay of the land, rather than jumping into and staying in a booth all day. Of course many of the usual suspects (Callaway, Footjoy, and Travis Mathew) were showcasing Spring products. It was also encouraging to see new breeds of golf clothing from QED Style, Devereux, and Criquet Shirts.

PGA show 3.JPG
PGA show 1.JPG
PGA Show 2.JPG

Our key takeaway is that all companies are focused on fashion (very similar looking styles for that matter), rather than function. It makes sense to look good, but there's a lot of room for functional improvements in a specialized sport like golf. This is a perfect opportunity for the utility of STATE APPAREL's clothing. The more we walked the show, the more we reaffirmed that we are reinventing golfwear.

We met and shared our story with some great people. Paul Stankowski of Francis Edward was a highlight, especially how the former PGA pro demonstrated his putting and wiping routine. Fist bump and "very innovative" from Paul was a nice validation. We're a long time fan of Dunning Golf, and it was an honor to meet Ralph Dunning and hear that he is a fan of STATE APPAREL. We got our creative juices flowing with the very mindful Akbar Chisti of Seamus Golf. We definitely share his passion for bringing hand-crafted goodness to the game.

Of the golf bloggers and taste makers, we most enjoyed meeting Greg Monteforte of GolfThreads and Kane Carpenter of MinorHouse. They've been documenting and critiquing golf trends for a long time, and it was super valuable to hear what they find compelling and not so compelling.

Great time in the desert and can't wait until the big Orland PGA Show in January.


Watch Tiger Woods. Embrace Change.

STATE APPAREL is reinventing golfwear in a sport thats steeped in tradition and resistant to change. We respect that.

When other golfers catch us on the course and we tell them what we're up to, they always ask why and sometimes we get blank stares. Understandable.

Why STATE APPAREL? Intuitively placed wiping panels that solve golf's persistent problem of water and dirt without the need to step away from a shot. This helps ensure optimal contact, focus, and performance throughout the round.

Don't take our word for it. If you haven't seen it yet, check out last week's product spotlight by The Hackers Paradise for an objective take on the function and value of STATE APPAREL.

If that's not enough, check out this little video of a guy named Tiger chipping in at a little tournament called the 2008 US OPEN. Torrey Pines Hole 17 on Saturday from the edge of the bunker. He's in a tight spot, unable to step away from the shot, and 2 seconds into the video gets right to cleaning his clubface on his pants . The results speak for themselves.

We don't have an otherworldly short game and astronomical NIKE sponsorship that affords infinite golf pants, like Tiger Woods. But with STATE APPAREL we can be prepared for any situation and give ourselves the best chance of optimal performance. 

Embrace change. It may just embrace you back one day.

STATE APPAREL in the spotlight

The crew over at The Hackers Paradise always does a good job. With their focus on golf lifestyle, they know what they're talking about when it comes to golf clothing.

Writer Ryan Hawk took the Competition Pant and Competition Shirt for a test drive and crafted this excellent, objective and in depth review. If you've been curious about STATE APPAREL, this is a great read and definitely worth checking out.

Tip Of The Hat From Golf Magazine

What an honor and pleasure to be featured as a "favorite" by the sharp crew over at Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

The STATE APPAREL Competition Collection is just the tip of the iceberg. We have new products in development that will surely build on this great momentum

Innovation Meets Innovation

We just got back from our Father's Day Trunk Show at Google's San Francisco office overlooking the Bay Bridge. Great people, great views, great food. Thanks Google!

photo 1 (2).JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG

Turns out there's quite a few golfers at Google and many more people that have family and friends that golf. Golf is truly a global language, even in the least expected places like the halls of the tech elite.

Smart people at Google, and they quickly understood and appreciated our concept of "Reinventing Golfwear" with functional aspects that solve a clear problem. Love the logic that emanates from these Googlers and would be happy to tee it up with any of them any time.

STATE APPAREL is riding these warm feeling into the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone.



STATE APPAREL coming soon...

Stay tuned for the latest and greatest from STATE APPAREL. Golf apparel will never be the same

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